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Why a Daughter Needs a Mom (Relié)

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A New York Times Bestseller The perfect daughter gift to show just why moms are so special this Mother's Day Show Mom your appreciation with this classic from New York Times bestselling author Greg Lang. Why a Daughter Needs a Mom is the perfect gift to honor those who mean the most to us: our mothers. As a girl's most trusted friend, her mom is the one who understands best. She's been there through it all: the triumph and heartache, the skinned knees and the broken hearts. A Daughter Needs a Mom... To soothe the pain of a broken heart To nurture her imagination To teach her that class never goes out of style To teach her to make thankfulness a habit To give her the courage to stand up for herself Featuring over 40 breathtaking black & white photos, Why a Daughter Needs a Mom celebrates 100 reasons why Mom's love is the guiding light her daughter needs to become the wonderful woman she's meant to be.


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